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Eteläkarjalainen maisema
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perjantai 7. marraskuuta 2014

Finnish Newspapers in America, part three: Sankarin Maine

As we read earlier, had  Matts Fredd moved Sven Tuuva from Houghton to Hancock in October, 1878. In the beginning of next year he also changed  the name of his paper to Sankarin Maine = The Fame of a Hero. The very last copy of  Sven Tuuva was published on January 3, 1879. And the first copy of Sankarin Maine was delivered seven days later, on January 10, 1879. The paper was larger in size than it had been with Sven Tuuva.

The life of Sankarin Maine was also quite short. The paper's slogan was now "Long live Sankarin Maine". The content of Sankarin Maine was colourful but diversified. The editor tried  to keep readers up-to-date on world news and on matters affecting the Finns on the Copper Country. The hard and colourful competition between Fredd's Sankarin Maine and Aleksander Leinonen's Amerikan Suomalainen Lehti forced Fredd stop publishing his paper in April, 1881. After the closing Matts Fredd returned to his painting and decorating business.

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