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torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Congregation in Calumet

Finnish Apostolic Lutheran church in Calumet in the beginning of 20th century.
The oldest Lutheran congregation founded by Finnish immigrants in the USA is Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Congregation in Calumet, Michigan. It was organized in 1872 and legalized next year with the name Solomon Kortiniemi Lutheran Society. The peculiar name is due to its first pastor. In the end of 1870's name was changed to the Finnish Apostolic Lutheran.  This congregation was the largest Finnish American Lutheran congregation in America from the 1870's to the 1890's. Lots of Finnish American history is hidden in church books and minutes of this congregation. But sadly, their archives are not open for researchers. I've tried to find other paths to examine this community.  I have found lots of congregational information in Calumet-based Amerikan Suomalainen Lehti. The majority of shareholders in this weekly Finnish newspaper were Apostolic Lutherans. The first fruits of this labor are now freely available for everyone interested. I've started with the year 1879. HERE you will find statistics compiled by me. It includes births, deaths, marriages and membership statistics.

Years 1880, 1881 and 1882 are now completed. Links to those statistics are below.

Year (1880) is now completed and will be found HERE.

And the statistics for the year 1881 is now on THIS PAGE.

And for the year 1882 on THIS PAGE

And the year 1883 is now completed and is HERE

Some of the earliest documents of the Solomon Kortiniemi Lutheran Socitey are now scanned:

Articles of Association and in Certificate of Incorporation

List of founding members

Name changed to the Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Congregation in 1879


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