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Eteläkarjalainen maisema
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perjantai 2. joulukuuta 2016

Lehtinen - a short-lived Finnish American newspaper in 1876

I have previously written a post about first Finnish American newspaper,  Amerikan Suomalainen Lehti, which can be found here. There is also a separate article about the founder and editor of the newspaper, Anders J. Muikku

After Anders J. Muikku was forced to cease publication of Amerikan Suomalainen Lehti, he was soon again involved in the publication of a new Finnish newspaper in Copper Country. At least 11 issues of a small Finnish-language paper, which was given a very descriptive name: Lehtinen (Engl: flier/leaflet/small newspaper) were published in the autumn of 1876, between September and the beginning of November. Lehtinen was sponsored by local Republican businessmen, and it took strong political positions. It's most obvious mission was to agitate Finnish immigrants vote for Republican candidates in the upcoming elections. After the election Lehtinen ceased publication. It is said that Muikku edited this paper while he was in a local jail for some mischief.

I read through all the preserved Lehtinen issues. In Addition to the political opinions and propaganda the newspaper mainly contained  news from the United States and also some from the rest of the World. The share of Finland news, however, was almost non-existent. The activities of the local Finnish Evangelical Lutheran congregation was informed also impressively. Instead the paper was silent about the competing Finnish church, the Apostolic Lutheran Church and their activities.

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