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Eteläkarjalainen maisema
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tiistai 14. helmikuuta 2017

Newspaper clips - Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Congregation in Calumet

Jumping Finlander is Name of Calumet Church. Minneapolis Journal, February 4, 1906
I have previously written about the oldest Lutheran congregation founded by Finnish immigrants in the USA. It is called the Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Congregation and was established in Calumet, Michigan, in 1872. I have also compiled statistics including births, deaths, marriages and membership. More statistics will be here soon. Here some newspaper clips related to this Church. I've collected them from various American newspapers today.

Curious Religious Sect. The Minneapolis Journal, November 26, 1901

The Apostolic Lutherans held so called "Big Meetings" / Conventions. Meeting was held in Calumet in 1911.
Big Convention in Red Jacket. The Calumet News, June 21, 1911
The congregation's priests were the father (Arthur Leopold Heideman, 1890 - 1928) and son (Paul Heideman (1911 - 1973). During this period the confirmation classes were huge (205 confirmands in 1911).
Father and Son Preach From Same Pulpit. The Calumet News March 23, 1911.

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