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tiistai 1. marraskuuta 2016

A series of articles about Finnish organizations in Fort Bragg: News on the establishment of the Evangelical Lutheran congregation in Fort Bragg

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fort Bragg photographed pretty soon the building was completed.

In the Finnish American Newspaper there was April 7, 1889, news on the establishment of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran congregation of Fort Bragg, in Mendocino County, in Northern California. I wrote it down and translated to English. Above you'll see the image of the church built the same year, which I found in a short history of the congregation.

Fort Bragg, Mendocino Co., Cal., Feb. 21..

We ask for a place to get something to said on A. S. Paper's columns also about this place. At the meeting held on this month's 17th day, was established Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church, which elected with majority of votes John P. Bergqvist for Chairman, John P. Westerberg for clerk, John Gert for treasurer, for board members were chosen John Jensen, Herman Bergqvist, Jacob Ny, Isak Markkula and Jacob Haiman (Hyman ?). Members of the congregation joined 17 people. Next meeting is scheduled for the forthcoming month's 17th day, in which congregation's laws ja constitution will be treated. The meeting will be held in Fort Bragg in John Bergqvist's house. All citizens living in surrounding area are asked to come to the meeting. The construction of the church will be implemented as soon as there will be enough money together to begin. Lot is given by Fort Bragg's company free of charge, which would have cost $ 500 when buying. On behalf of the church:
John Bergqvist, manager
John P. Westerberg, clerk,

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  1. Jacob Hyman. He was my ancestor.

  2. There will be quite soon an article about this Finn church in Fort Bragg on this page