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lauantai 26. marraskuuta 2016

" "Find My Family" in the 1880s

Over the years I have photographed all the saved and microfilmed issues of American Finnish Paper. Yes, I have had some authentic issues in my hands, but they are so old and in a bad shape that they will fall apart in hands. Those old issues will be/ have been the impetus for many of my blog posts. In almost every issue of The American Finnish Paper there were a number of notifications, in which relatives living either in Europe or in America  were looking for loved ones who had disappeared in the huge American continent. If the American address of relative was not known, the newspapers were almost the only opportunity to get access to the emigrant relative. The newspaper was an 1880s substitute for a currently popular Finnish TV-series "Kadonneen jäljillä" (Find My Family/1-800-Missing). As an example I picked the attached notifications, which were in the American Finnish Paper, issue 32, 08/06/1880. Similar notifications were, of course, in "the old country's" press, but in the American Finnish Paper their share was strikingly abundant.

Notifications on left in English:
Information wanted.
If a sea captain from New York, which have a Finnish name Johan Häikiö, originally from Muhos, sometimes happens to find these columns, so he is requested to notify his address, either in American Finnish Paper or to the laborer's wife Margaretha Lantto (nee Määttä) in Alkkula, Ylitornio.
If Nils Lehto from Tornio, sometimes happens to find these lines, so he is requested with kindness to notify his place of residence to his brother-in-law, whose address is:
Jakob Penttilä
Negaunee P.P.
Marquette Co, Michigan

If Anders Rito sometimes happens to find these lines, so he is requested with kindness to notify his place of residence to the signer below,
Olli Kestilä
New York Mills P.O.
Otter Tail Co, Minnesota

If Matts Brandt, originally from Viitasaari, who has already been in America for 30 years sometimes happens to find these lines, 
he is requested with kindness to notify his place of residence to his
nephew, whose address is
Anders Brandt
Allouez P.O. Keweenaw Co. Michigan

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